y conley


I'm an Air Force brat who had the privilege of living in and visiting many countries which have influenced me greatly in my design philosophy, especially in architecture and urban planning.

I have two degrees from the University of Texas at Austin - a Bachelor of Architecture and a Bachelor of Science in Architectural Engineering.

I am a big promoter of electric rail transportation knowing its great benefits to the environment and community health and identity - also knowing the vast moneyed interests fighting to keep rail from being a viable option for the average American.  I hope to see a resurgence in street car and high speed rail in America.

I have also worked as a production designer for small art and film projects, and discovered many similarities with the architecture design process, like the ideas of story and figure-ground. I also discovered several differences, like, funnily, when a job is done so well, an audience might not appreciate the set was built from scratch and just assume the "hospital," "jail cell," etc. already existed.

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